Our Story

Our Story

The Brain is a leading educational centre for students from Kindergarten through to Year 12 that strives to mentor and develop students through innovative, relevant and practical teaching methods. Starting in a garage in 2004, The Brain has become synonymous with an education service that is excellent and personal.

Your journey is our journey. The Brain believes that students should not limit themselves to just their aspirations, however to go beyond them. We ensure that the teaching, feedback and learning experience reflect our values and commitment to your learning goals. We are passionate about your child’s progress and development in their learning career which is reflected through our extended support beyond class times. Our interactive learning system encourages students to interpret concepts and ideas critically and analytically.

Our Beliefs


We pride ourselves in inspiring students to achieve their academic potential through understanding and simplifying challenging concepts.


We strive to give all students, regardless of ability, the requisite support and motivation required to support their learning career.


We lead by example through our highly qualified and passionate tutors who equip students with fundamental knowledge and skills to prepare them for school assessments and beyond.

Our Team

Are you interested in teaching and mentoring students in a way that will drive their learning journey and fulfil their potential?

Our team is underpinned by teamwork, interaction, and commitment to education and guidance. We are always eager to meet inspiring, talented, and energetic people who would like to join our successful team of tutors. If you are interested in opening doors for young minds to achieve their educational and personal goals, then we would love to find out more about you.

Love teaching? Join us!

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Our Culture

Empowering people to achieve their goals is the common ground we all share.

Our employees come from a variety of industries and backgrounds, not just education. What attracts people to our company and defines our work environment is passion for education, a commitment to results, and an overriding dedication to our students.

We're committed to fostering a culture of learning.

A highly-skilled and effective team, as well as an ability to attract and develop students, is critical to The Brain’s success. We strive for our employees to build and refine skills to take both themselves and The Brain to the next level of excellence.

We're about discovery, commitment, and results.

The Brain is for people who like are not afraid to try new things. We encourage employees to push themselves to new heights and fully leverage their talents into educating students. We expect employees to be punctual, prepared and committed to their allocated students.

Success stories

"The Brain equipped me with the knowledge and skills to achieve my academic goals and be well prepared for university."

- Waylon Lu

Take a look at the students our team has helped succeed in school and beyond!

Our Students