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Receiving early admission for Law

Truth be told, I didn’t receive the marks I was hoping for at the beginning of Year 12. However, I found that I was able to achieve a significant improvement in my results by marginally increasing...  Continue Reading

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Have you considered scholarships?

Since attending a private girls high school on a full academic scholarship, I also studied piano at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, went to an Ivy League college in the United States, and...  Continue Reading

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Expose yourself - going beyond your career

David Brooks, New York Times columnist and bestselling author, said about the liberal arts: “College is about exposing students to many things and creating an aphrodisiac atmosphere so that they...  Continue Reading

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An unconventional path to medicine

So the UMAT didn’t go too well for you? Beginning to question your suitability for medicine? Never fear! If there’s will, there’s a way. ...  Continue Reading

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Applying for universities overseas

The first thing to note is that applications for American universities are far more involved. They don’t simply want to know your ATAR or IB score (so you really are more than just a number to these...  Continue Reading

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The true value of university

Throughout my time during high-school, I often felt that it didn’t really matter what I wanted, and that university was just another compulsory milestone in life in which we must inevitably conquer....  Continue Reading

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Unsure about what to do after high school..?

Now that you've finished 12 years of schooling, you might be at that stage where you're stuck, and unsure what your next step is. Here are some things you can consider: ...  Continue Reading

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Applying for jobs post-HSC

HSC is finally done and dusted and you have too much time on your hands. Whilst spending your days sleeping and catching up on TV shows does sound enticing, having money to spend is even better! Below...  Continue Reading


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